Thursday, March 17, 2011

Radiation Effects, Cancer Scares, and Concerned Citizens

Good Morning Everyone,

Thanks to all of you who took me up on the opportunity to call and chat. For the record, I am recommending you do whatever is appropriate for your personal peace of mind. My family and I sat down and went through the likely risks associated with both travel and staying put, and decided to stay put. YMMV.

Now, here are some really great links that I've run across--good, solid reporting without lots of exclamation marks in the headlines. Kudos go (not surprisingly) to Bloomberg for providing actual, useful information about radiation exposure in Tokyo.

MIT has done a great job, ranging from:



I give F- reporting grades to CNN so far--superior skills at scaring Moms back at home, but inferior when it comes to science reporting. Even one of the better interviews I saw emphasized the worst possible outcome, as opposed to the worst likely outcome (not to be confused with the most likely outcome).

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