Thursday, March 17, 2011

On Stress and Happiness

It's been a long day and evening, and I certainly have a run-on keyboard tonight. 

The top ten things that let me know I'm more stressed than usual:

1) Have eaten french fries 4 times since Friday. I normally eat them once/month, tops, as a special treat, as those things are deadly.
2) While I'm sloppily sentimental, it's usually for movies. In fact, my wife has started to point out to my daugher that "Daddy is about to get all teary" in movies in normal times. Now, though, I'd swear I'm pregnant. Occasional e-mails and comments from people make me all bleary-eyed, and when a customer sent us e-mail today to say not only they were renewing but the appreciated our dedication and support and were renewing for five years, our normally somewhat clean office became really, really dusty. Must be kafunsho (hay fever).
3) Can't focus very well on important things like billing and accounting (not too much non-emergency selling right now--we have had some of that), and spend most of my work time on Facebook and blogging.
4) Confused "doing something positive" with "Studying nuclear reactors to try and figure out how long those babies need to cool down."
5) Related to (3) and (4), trying to see how hard it would be to explain a nuclear reactor meltdown by comparing it to your typical Texas BBQ pit.
6) Have strong desire for any or all of the following: 
(a) Tex Mex. Proper Tex Mex, not to be confused with typical Tex-Mex in Tokyo. Unfortunately, it's a long plane flight away.
(b) BBQ, and not just because I'm trying to figure out how cladding overheating in one of the Fukushima plants is kind of like the paint on the barrel catching fire.
(c) Chicken fried steak, with cream gravy on mashed potatoes.
7) I keep forgetting that we're still in allergy season, so that I should wear a mask. No, it's not for fallout....
8) Can only get to 8 on a top ten list :-).


  1. praying for your safety, Jim. For everyone to be safe. thank you for blogging - it gives great pertspective

  2. Please let us know if we can do anything for you. Any point of sending you a care package?

    We're thinking of you everyday and we all send our love.

  3. Howdy Folks,

    Thanks for the kind words. We're hanging tight--PTSD is our largest risk in my opinion. I strictly limit my news intake.